Wednesday, January 25, 2006

As soon as I read this. . .

. . .I knew I simply had to write it down and preserve it forever. Now I am putting it up online.

About a week ago I was reading a book from the library called "Turn Left At Greenland" by Mark Little, who was RTE's Washington Correspondent from September 1995 to January 2001. Obviously, Bill Clinton features prominently.

In an early chapter, Little writes about Clinton's home town of Hot Springs, Arkansas; and he tells this story about the future President and his mother, Virginia:

During the 1992 campaign, a good friend of mine interviewed Virginia. While the cameras were on, she gave the approved text of the Clinton biography but when the cameras were turned off, she kept talking. One day, she told my friend, she was baking cookies while young Billy worked on his homework at the kitchen table. She put the cookies out to cool on a baking tray and then left the house on an errand. When she came back, Billy had finished his homework and the cookies were gone. She turned angrily to her young son and asked what had happened. "What cookies? You never baked any cookies", he replied. Billy kept talking until he had persuaded his mother that she had not baked that night. "That's when I knew he would be a politician", Virginia said.

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