Monday, July 09, 2007

A picture of Hell!

Within the last few weeks, I have literally gone through Hell.

And I have come back.

Yes, I really, really, did go through Hell.

On a train.

Here's the proof. Here is a picture of Hell. Actually, this is is the train station.

If you ever land at Vaernes Airport, the airport serving the city of Trondheim, you can get a train from the Airport to Trondheim Central which takes about 45 minutes, and after the Airport, the next stop is Hell.

I didn't get out of the train; the doors opened, and I just pointed my camera and clicked. In fact, I was hoping to come back to Hell on another day to have a proper look around. But I didn't get the chance.

The word "Hell" obviously means something in the Norwegian language. But I can always say, if anybody ever tells me to go to Hell, that I've already been there!

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