Thursday, November 08, 2007

Mark Shea in Dublin

Legend of the Catholic blogosphere, Mark Shea, is currently in Ireland. On Wednesday 7th November, I went to hear him speak in University College Dublin.

It was in the Engineering Building, very close to the number 10 bus terminal. About 30 people were present, mainly students I presume.

His subject was "101 Reasons Not To Be Catholic". He went through various lists of objections to Catholicism from some Protestants, secularists, dissident Catholics, etc, and how they tend to cancel each other out. For example, for every complaint against the Church one person has, another person has the exact opposition complaint. Such as, one person might say that the Church is too dogmatic and rigid for sticking up and maintaining beliefs, such as the Assumption or the Immaculate Conception. Someone else might say that the Church is too lenient by insisting on the doctrine of free will!

In talking about atheism/agnosticism, he came up with a brilliant quote which I feel best sums up the attitude of many so-called atheists: "Why does Jesus get to be God, and not me?"

At one stage, Mark paused for effect to tell us the single most important question that has ever been asked, and ever will be asked: "Who Do You Say That I Am?"

Another line he came up with that I had to write down immediately: "The faith is an anvil that has worn out a thousand hammers".

Afterwards, I shook hands with him, so this is proof that he really does exist. Sometimes with some websites, I get the opinion that they are actually produced by a group of people, all working under the same pseudonym, like the Hardy Boys novels, for example.

His tour of Ireland is not finished yet, so here is his itinerary. Do go to hear him speak if you can.

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