Saturday, October 01, 2005

Day For Life - October 2nd 2005

Sunday October 2nd 2005 has been designated as Day for Life by the Irish Bishops; and at Saturday evening Vigil Mass earlier this evening, I picked up a copy of the pastoral letter, "Cherishing the Evening of Life".

Quote: "When a decision is taken to terminate the life of a person who is sick or elderly, on the grounds that his or her life is no longer worth living, this is euthanasia.

"Whether it is by doing something, or by doing nothing when something should be done; be it with or without the consent of the person who is killed, euthanasia comes down to the same thing in moral terms. It is the deliberate killing of a human being, and it is contrary to the law of God. God is the giver of life, and he alone has the right to decide when a life should end." (italics mine)

This link will lead you to a pdf of the pastoral letter.

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