Friday, October 28, 2005

What inspired the title of this blog?

The phrase more or less struck me while reading the Breviary. Week 3 Saturday, Morning Prayer. The Old Testament piece is from the Book of Wisdom, chapter 9.

Years ago, before going on what I will describe here just as a "special task" with some colleagues, I asked a friend (a nun) to remember the success of the enterprise in her prayers. She suggested to me Wisdom 9. Looking back now, she was planting a seed, because when I started reading the Breviary regularly, I noticed Wisdom 9 and it rang a bell in my head. And the last line of the reading struck me as, well, a good title for a blog!

So over a year ago, when I decided to start a blog, the name was in the back of my mind; but in fact, I originally called it "Brendan's Blog", even though there was already a blog with the same name. I felt it was unfair to plagiarise, so I changed the title.

Now, I admit the text in the breviary actually reads: "and guard me with her glory", so I adapted it slightly; so I like to think that it is not just a blog title, but a prayer in honour of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom. In fact, the whole chapter is a prayer.

Though other Bible versions use: "and shall preserve me by her power"; "and safeguard me by her glory"; and the Darton Longman Todd New Jerusalem Bible which I generally use reads: "and will protect me with her glory". The Morning and Evening Prayer breviary I use actually takes its scripture texts from different scripture editions.

Now, I will tag some other bloggers and ask them to go public and reveal what inspired the titles of their blogs: the trio who bring us Laodicea, Jamie McMorrin of The Moral Highground, and Kelly Clark, the Pewlady.

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