Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One act of euthanasia of which I heartily approve!

Last Saturday, at a meeting in a hotel in Mullingar, the Progressive Democrats formally decided to disband.

I say: Goodbye, and good riddance!

The Regressive Desocrats have presented the Irish people with their vision of the future: right-wing Thatcherite economic policies mixed with left-wing liberal social policies. The vision included a draft new Constitution with all references to God removed.

And, frankly, the Irish people have finally seen through them and said: "No thanks"!

At the 2007 General Election, they went from eight seats down to two, and even the then party Leader, Michael McDowell, lost his seat, and promptly announced his retirement from politics. I admit I always had a certain respect for McDowell because he was always a conviction politician, rather than a populist politician; he was the type of man who wasn't afraid to say what he thought or what he believed was in the best interests of the country, even if it became a vote loser! And I admit I disagreed with him rather more than I agreed with him.

So the writing had been on the wall for some time. Even the party's official website, looking at it just now, hasn't been updated with news of the formal disbandment, indicating just how few people are involved with the party now.

And so the Last Rites were performed last Saturday.

Rest in Peace.


Fr Seán Coyle said...

Was it euthanasia or suicide?

Joanna Bogle said...

Thanks for your comment to my Blog. I've now fixed the link.


Auntie Joanna